Friday, January 10, 2014

Armadillo Shield Symbolic Gourd Necklaces and Totem Meaning

Animal Totem Art has been my focus for many years. With the majority of my creative inspiration coming from nature and the animal kingdom, there is a wealth of wisdom to be learned from them. My personal totem is the Lizard, who's lessons I have benefited greatly from over time.
Recently I was having a conversation with my wonderful Aussie friend, Nicole. Our talk grazed over spirituality, life lessons, and intuitiveness, as it often does. Late one night while in the midst of one our philosophical chats, Armadillo totem wisdom was sent to me. 

This was unusual, for armadillo has certainly never come to my attention.
The Armadillo is most known for it's shield of armor that he wears. This is his source of protection, with his underbelly (inner self) being his vulnerable area. When he feels danger near he will roll up into a tight ball and protect himself. In reflection for humans, the danger could be physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual. I pondered over this little creature, visualizing him curled up in a ball...a circle.

I realized while talking with Nicole that for the past few weeks I had been wearing a particular gourd necklace.

It was one that my husband and I  had made, a circle disk made of gourd. The piece was simple and natural and when I wore it I felt a sense of strength and courage, and I was especially wearing it when I would go out to holiday gatherings and virtually everywhere in public. I pay special attention to what I adorn myself with when I am out, as I am very sensitive to the energy of others. How serendipitous that the armadillo and his symbolism was becoming more prevalent to me. 

Armadillos have sharp claws and are expert diggers. This would be symbolic of "getting to the root" of the matter. It is beneficial to know the underlying motivations and things unseen in situations. By being aware, we are able to use the protection ability more proficiently. We wouldn't want to ball ourselves up and protect ourselves from everything, for we might be missing out on a great love or opportunity. Learning when to protect ourselves and to what extent is the great lesson.

We decided to make more of these gourd pendants for others that may want to connect with the wisdom of the Armadillo. The are simple, earthy, and rustic.

 The pendants are made from gourd circle disks (symbolic shields) that were shaped and sanded by John. We then paint them different subtle color combinations allowing one to choose the color the resonates with them. The backs of the shields are painted black. A small silhouette of the armadillo is painted on them and our signatures underneath. This way, at any time that you need to remind yourself of the wisdom, you can just flip the shield over to see the armadillo. Small gemstones and glass beads adorn the shields to represent the richness of our spirits. They are strung on leather cord, vintage style copper, or bronze finish chains that have a rustic look, creating a unique earthy piece of jewelry.

I will continue to keep a listing here of available "Armadillo Shields" with links to them in our Etsy Shop where they can be purchased.
Currently these are available:

Green Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

 Copper Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

Shades of Purple Armadillo Shield Gourd Pendant on Etsy

Purple Armadillo Shield Symbolic Gourd Necklace with Blue Shells

 Blue Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

 Deep Blue Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

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