Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Unveiling of the Animal Totem Gathering" Animal Totem Gourd Mask

For the deep love I have for animal totems and their special meanings in our lives, I felt compelled to create a gourd mask that represented a few of my most admired ones. The creation is symbolic for the gathering of their energies and wisdom that they offer, including Heron, Crow, Deer, Hawk, Bear, Otter, Owl, Wolf, Lizard, and Dragonfly.
Animal Totem Gourd Mask "Unveiling of the Animal Totem Gathering"
"Unveiling the Animal Totem Gathering" was created to bring the energy of the animal totems to present, to learn from their symbolism, and remind one of their skills. The animals represented are Crow, Hawk, Heron, Bear, Otter, Dragonfly, Owl, Wolf, Lizard, and Deer. Their simple animal totem meanings are:
Crow: Manifesting, Magic, Creation
Heron: Graceful Transformation
Deer: Gentless, Grace, Nurturing
Otter: Happiness and Laughter in spite of the circumstances
Bear: Power, Decision Making, Healing
Dragonfly: Air and Water Element, Flight, Ariel Skills, Dance of Light
Hawk: Vision, Power, Seeking
Wolf: Community, Guardianship, Pack Oriented
Owl: Vision, Hunter, Omens, Wisdom
Lizard: Dreamtime, Intuition, Letting go of that which is not needed
Animal Totem Gourd Mask by Conscious Art Studios
"Unveiling of the Animal Totem Gathering" is an animal totem mask for wall display. The mask is created from a gourd which is shaped and cut and mounted on a wood plaque that measures 10 inches x 10 inches. The mask is painted with acrylics in burnt umber, turquoise, and tan colored and then detailed with animal totem silhouettes and tracks of the Crow, Heron tracks, Bear, Otter prints, Hawk, Dragonfly, Wolf prints, Lizard, and Owl. The mask was then sealed with a satin finish. A multitude of man created feathers were used to create the crown of the mask representing a number of bird totems. The plaque was painted in burnt umber with tan colored designs and has a hanger installed on the back for display purposes. The piece in it's entirety measures 14 inches x 14 inches.
This piece is to be shipped double boxed to protect the feather work and will be insured.
If you would like to acquire this special piece you can view it's listing here in my Artfire Studio

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