Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abstracts in Emotion ~ Passion

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you are forced to change.The transformation can manifest in many ways. As an artist, I find our creativity evolves with these life occurrences and our personal growth.
Recently I found this evolution in my own artwork yet again. My art usually represents my philosophies and experience, and as I grow and evolve personally and meander through my own journey in life, as does so on the canvas. A few days ago  a canvas sat before me and my physical body was greatly fatigued.I studied on that canvas...almost a meditation. Inside my spirit had so much it wanted to release even though this body did not necessarily want to follow suit. Knowing that my usual style of painting would be too intricate and controlled, that day I needed to bring my feelings to the canvas with a graceful ease, a flow from the heart to the hand. This was the creation.
"Passion" by Jeanne Fry
The inspiration behind this painting is symbolic of a "feeling"....a feeling that comes from that place deep inside your belly where your desire..your passion for life..and your creativity reside. No matter how many things are piled on your shoulders, no matter the challenges that you face, nor how weathered you may feel....deep inside this place you are vibrant, alive, and your passion burns on.
I am not sure how long this style of work will stay with me, but I am grateful for the inspiration and ability as always, and will release and create as long as the fire burns in my belly.
This painting is not available any longer. You can visit our Artfire studio to see available paintings.
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