Monday, February 15, 2016

Quail Totem Symbolic Meaning

The Quail Totem is a wonderful Animal Teacher, bringing lessons that focus on Self Care, Grounding, and the importance of doing so. 
With the Quail being a bird that is widely hunted, he has much he can teach us humans about living and surviving symbolically in this big ol' world. Awareness is needed in order to not only see Opportunities, but to see where dangers and pitfalls lie. It is the calm, grounded soul that can be fully aware of their surroundings. If were are to make wise decisions in the face of adversity or crisis, those decisions must come from our balanced self. It is from this place that we know when to move forward and when to hang back, when to be open and when to protect ourselves. 
In order to be at our best in balance, we  must become a master in self care, nurturing the body mind and spirit. Eating well, sleeping well, having "me" time, and surrounding ourselves with healthy relationships...all can help us breathe deeply and calmly. Above all, Quail reminds us to listen to our inner voice, for there lies many answers that can be useful on this journey.

Quail Totem Painting by Jeanne Fry, is available 

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