Monday, November 9, 2015

Ancient Dreams - Tribal Grandmother Art Doll Sculpture

"Ancient Dreams" was created to be symbolic for those who walked before us, our ancestors, our Grandmothers. She serves as a reminder of what our grandmothers taught us in honoring our traditions. She wants us to remember that as this world changes so rapidly and technology grows so fast, to still take those moments that we need to stay grounded and connected to our roots and Mother Earth. In our dreams we have a vehicle for connecting to our most authentic selves, our strong intuitive sense, and to be able to hear the messages that are sent to us. We are divinely guided and always surrounded by our Guardians, and "Ancient Dreams" is a daily reminder of that. 
Ancient Dreams Tribal Grandmother Art Doll

We know that when we are overwhelmed, simply taking a few moments outdoors can bring a balanced sense of peace to our soul. We often neglect taking the time for ourselves, placing so much importance on the seemingly never ending list of things to do, but sadly taking care of ourselves is not often on that list. 
Ancient Dreams Tribal Grandmother Art Doll

This grandmother wants to impress on us that "quality" time is needed for healing, not just time in the nothingness in front of the television, listening to the negative noise. She wants us to take the utmost care of our spirit in order to stay connected - time outdoors, with animals, in prayer, and with our families. When we have done so, those moments in our restorative sleep bring the dreams filled with the most healing and loving qualities. 


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