Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Music Touches our Soul, and is a Part of Our Spirituality

“Music has no boundaries, culturally or spiritually. The endless attraction and love for music is felt around the world because of its abilities to make us feel. When a musician shares his music, he is sharing his most vulnerable and authentic inner self. He is opening up a sacred communication with the listener. In return he receives understanding. This very special art becomes the conversation in a beautiful way. Whatever the style or geographic roots, music can be broken down to the heartbeat, that which reminds us of the simplest and most basic of things in life.

The heartbeat connects us all, and in this connection we can find a peace and acceptance within ourselves and each other. It is here in this connection that we find our spiritual significance.

Music is one of our most treasured gifts. It is the Breath of Life and the Conversation with Humanity. “

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