Monday, August 8, 2011

Owl Totem and it's Symbolic Meaning

Owls have been intriguing humans for years.
This nocturnal bird wears a cloak that symbolizes the Mystery.

 It's amazing eyesight is representative of perception and new visions opening up to you...the ability to be aware of things that others may overlook and to see things in new ways.

Owl wings have a fringe that provides them with silent flight, which is a useful lesson for us, teaching us that sometimes it is best to be silent about our ventures in order to bring the greatest success.

They carry a wisdom of the darkness, of the nocturnal, of the unseen. While some fear this wisdom, truly it affords us a balance of light and dark, a balance of the obvious and the hidden.

Owl totem medicine is extensive and for those who are studying the owl, would benefit from learning about the different types of owls to realize their depth.

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