Sunday, September 18, 2011

She Releases the Weight of the World, a Woman's Evolution and Empowerment, Original Painting

This week I seem to have a theme within my artwork, of Self Preservation. Of course my paintings always correspond with my own life or those around me; this time I find myself focusing on releasing stress and attending to one's personal needs - finding a balance in spirit.
"She Releases the Weight of the World" Original painting by Jeanne Fry

She holds the tapestry of life's worries and responsibilities. As she grows older she realizes how heavy that blanket has become. At one time it may have served as  a security that she could use as a shield to avoid facing her fears. Now she sees that its enormity would and could distract her from living life on her own terms.
She knows that  there are parts of that blanket that are important to her, responsibilities to things that she loves and therefore she  would not allow an unraveling, for those things are all connected. Throwing away the blanket is not an option for her, but HOW she allows that blanket to be prevalent in her life is what she desires to change.   
She sees that she need not carry it at every moment in her day. She decides that she won't allow "it" to make her decisions in her journey, holding her back. She will pick it up and tend to what needs to be tended to each day, and then will set it down and continue letting her authentic spirit evolve.
When she lays it down, she allows any stresses to flow away, giving her time to breathe and come to a grounded and secure place in her own right. She in a sense has drawn a boundary, a boundary that honors and respects her Soul.
The Circle of Life resides above her, a continuum of the Universe, and she has found a way to keep her balance, to have a peace while dancing in the waves of Life and Love.

The Original Painting is available in our Etsy shop here:
She Releases the Weight of the World Artwork on Etsy 

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