Thursday, November 21, 2013

We All See the Same Moon - Seeing Similarities and not Differences

When I raised my children there were many ideals that I thought were important to pass on to them. One of the most important ones, was to see beyond our differences. As I myself was born with a birth defect that left me with a physical handicap growing up, I knew first hand the types of discrimination, misconceptions,  bullying and ridicule that exist in the world. My wish was that my children would grow up to see beyond color, disability, race, sexual orientation, and social class. I had many things I wanted to teach my children. Some were successful and some were not...but this very important ideal was learned quickly. I was always proud of them, noticing that when they were put in a situation where people's differences came into play....they saw the human...the things that make us the same, and the differences were overlooked.
I've been saddened the past few years (since our hard fall in the economy), that we humans are becoming more and more divided. Bullying, hate crimes, road rage, and an intolerance for others and their beliefs seems to be on a continual rise. I associate some of this with the economy decline, as I feel that so many have been living their lives in a day to day state of fear....and fear leads to these negative behaviors. I also feel that we are losing the art of communication. While it may mistakenly seem as if we are more connected because of technology, our young ones are losing the practice of effective and compassionate conversation. These two things combined isolate us in a sense, within ourselves...making it easier to fall into the trap of feeling as if no one understands us. Then, our differences become more prevalent. 
I painted "We All See the Same Moon", as a reminder of our similarities.
"We All See the Same Moon" Original Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
I tried to bring my thoughts to the canvas within a celestial scene. Four moon gazers are standing together looking upon the moon. Each of the figures are different, yet the same. They all have their own distinct styles, yet fit together in common bond. They are able to look beyond their differences and unite as one under the moon in peace.

This original painting has been sold, but it is available in my Fine Art America shop here:
"We All See the Same Moon" Art Print by Jeanne Fry

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