Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crow and Bear Protection Totem and it's Symbolism

Animal Totems have always been very important in my life, even since childhood. I look to Nature when I need to feel Peace, and I look to my Animal Totems when I need a different perspective on things. Resonating with the Earth gives me the Grounding that I need to make decisions in a calm and balanced way. 
I study the animal kingdom daily, their ways of survival, communicating, and cycles. When the totems come to me, either physically or through vision, their message and wisdom always can be applied to my own current circumstances. 
Last week as I sat in my studio I had two beautiful yet oddly shaped gourds sitting on my work table, waiting to be transformed. They had been their for a few weeks, waiting for the inspiration to materialize. Then late one evening while I was quietly writing in my notebooks, I knew. I would sculpt a Totem, one for Protection....for the home, and it would honor the Crow and Bear. 
The base of the Gourd would represent the human, our spirit. Above would be the Crow - as the Watchmen, alerting us with his messages and voice as he watches over our realm. Under would be the Bear - the protector, who nurtures with tender love but at the same time will guard their family fiercely.  
I sculpted in entirety that night, the Crow and Bear, wanting their energy to stay in a continuum.
I kept the natural shape of the gourd, which had a looped end on the top, perfect for the creation of the Crow. By the next day I began the painting, giving the Crow and Bear their richness.

 A Tribal Face was painted in the center to represent the human, detailed with the Sun and Moon, symbolic for the protective qualities to be present Night and Day, while walking in both worlds.

 A Star scene was painted withing the Bear's fur, as he carries wisdom from the Star Beings. 

Crow tracks were painted up one side of the Totem, and Bear Tracks up the other side of the Totem. One of his feathers painted drifting down, as a gift.

 The Crow's tail feathers extend down the back of the Totem, resting above a branch from the Tree of Life. 

The Crow and Bear Totem was created to bring it's protective essence to the home, to place near the front door to always remind one they are watched over.

Please contact us if you would like to commission a similar piece.


rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Wow. Just wow. So inspired and so beautiful!

The Blonde Pirate said...

My husband and I learned our spiritual animals. He is the crow and I am the bear. Would love something like this in my home! How much for a piece like this?

Jeanne Fry Art said...

Hi, to do a commissioned piece in a similar fashion as the Crow and Bear Totem here in our post, would be in the range of $150.If you are interested in talking about possibilities, you can email me at

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