Saturday, October 11, 2014

Monarch Migration - Advocating through Art to Raise Awareness of their Decline

The existence of one of  Mother Earth's most popular and well known creatures, the Monarch Butterfly, is in danger. The delicate little beauty has amazed us with its endurance and ability to travel its 3000 mile migration to its winter habitat in Mexico each year. Their arrival coincides with the widely celebrated Day of the Dead festival, symbolically being said that they represent the ancestral spirits that are being celebrated. 

"Monarch Migration" Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Monarch's numbers have dropped drastically, one study showing a decrease from 1 billion of these orange beauties, down to 35 million. Several factors are being attributed to this decrease, notably an increase in logging in their Mexico habitat as well as a decrease in Milkweed. Milkweed is important to the Monarch and is in decline because it is treated as a weed by farmers. 
People ask, "What can I, a single person, do to change the decline of the Monarchs?"

One simple remedy that can help save the Monarchs is to alter our behavior in the destruction of Milkweed as a nuisance. Thanks to an article from National Geographic I was able to find some Milkweed Resources.

The National Resources Defense Council has a funded project that provides Free Milkweeds to schools and non-profits, an excellent social justice program for children to be involved in. 

Monarch Watch is another valuable resource for this effort

You can also look to see if there is a Training Center near you, with a Monarch Larva Monitoring project. You can find more information about a program near you here

And, if you are interested in seeing more of the Original Painting that I created in honor of these beautiful creatures, you can find it listed in my Etsy shop here

Butterfly Totem Symbolic Meaning:
Butterflies represent Change and Transformation, the Joy of life, and Presence in the Moment. They help in reminding us to Keep it Simple, and look at what is truly important. The Butterfly encourages us not to fear change, but embrace it, for Life IS change.

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rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Oh. I love this painting.
I've been working with totems lately.
Butterfly hadn't shown up.
Until now.


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