Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fox Totem Symbolic Meaning

The Fox is often misunderstood and is an amazing totem to work with. I consider them the teachers of "street smarts", useful when you know where you want to be but need to figure out how to "get there". This beautiful world is full of miracles and opportunities, but that does not take away its ability to be challenging and competitive. We also learn when we get out into the world, that not everyone thinks like we do, and that there are people who do not live with every one's higher good in mind. The Fox totem can help us learn to navigate those waters, not by changing the essence of our own spirit, but by using subtle tools. 

For instance, the Fox is symbolic for camouflage and blending into his environment. Sometimes the act of being still or quiet and blending in allows us to be able to see and hear things that we might not notice otherwise...things that are important to know about our journey. It takes us out of our "me" oriented mode and fosters an opportunity to see the bigger picture or more aspects of a situation. 
When the Fox runs, his tail extends straight out from his body. This is an aspect of Balance. It allows the fox to run and turn with and ease and flow, while staying on distractions, no breaking of the focus, just determined on the "getting there". 
They are perceptive and keen, relying heavily on their senses and their intuition. When they combine this with the capability of camouflage, they can be a mighty hunter. Their hunting mode is also one of their unique aspects -  being a smaller animal they can use a "charming" technique, that throws their prey off. While they are part of the canine family, their mannerisms are more likened to the feline family and the feminine. 

The Fox protect themselves with their large fluffy tail, wrapping it around themselves to guard against the elements. This symbolism can be taken further teaching one to be diligent in protecting themselves from the harshness of others by creating a protective field around themselves. 
All of these things that define the Fox allow him to reach his wants and needs, doing so in a bit more subtle yet defined manner, focused on the goal while being aware, being immensely creative and intuitive, and all the while knowing when they need to shield themselves. 

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rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

So precious. LoVe the fox verve.

(I have wolf energy with me in the studio today)

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