Saturday, May 14, 2011

Perseverance ~ We're all in this Together

I have been reflecting this past week on the economic slump our country (and world community) has been in these past two to three years. A lot of focus and debate has been had by the experts on why it has happened and how to improve it, but not as much attention has been paid to the effects it has had on us mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.
I have watched people close to me over this period of time go through a series of changes to their spirit, that sometimes I don't even think we are always aware of consciously. I have seen some of the most amazing artists step away from their art, feeling a loss of inspiration and drive. I have watched friends with a strong and secure base have it yanked out from underneath them leaving them in shock. I have watched teachers put under extreme stress of keeping their jobs while at the same time trying to be an inspiration to their students. People losing their homes, that place where you go at the end of the day to rejuvenate and heal the soul. The loss of jobs, homes, careers, financial security, and faith has been widespread and harsh.

So, what now? I can't even pretend to know, except that we take it one day at a time, one moment to the next. That we reach down to the deepest core within us and know that this to will change, maybe not in the way we think, but it will.
This is the time to truly connect with our own intuitive sense, to connect with your passion, because I feel like it can guide us through this leg of the journey. Along the way, take the hand of your friend, and assist them. We need one another, now more than ever. We're all in this together.

Perseverance : Mare and Maiden ~ For Strength and Free Spirit

I look to Nature to help with a grounding balance when the world seems overwhelming. It can change your perception of things in a moment, quieting the mind so that you can re-focus. I look to the animal totems as reminders of attributes that can be helpful. And I Create in order to release, inspire, and share. Find those things that can help you find the balance you need, urging you to take the next step.
It is usually the simplest of things that can help us take that deep breath in and out and center.

Some of the easiest joys for me personally to experience that help me STAY me...
Walking Meditation
Visiting Gardens
Potluck Dinners with Friends
The Smell of Lavender
Movie Marathons
Connecting with Animal Totems
Helping those Around me

My hope when the economic tide turns for the better...that we find a renewed sense of ourselves and a closer human connection to one another.

**My original painting of Perseverance is available in my Artfire Studio here Perseverance Original Painting


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