Monday, May 30, 2011

Step into your Warrior Shoes and Embrace your Life

Do you have those days, or maybe even weeks, when you just feel as if one day runs into another? When you are spending your day just going through the motions, or feeling like you have no control over the things going on in your life? While some circumstances ARE beyond our control, I believe we do have the ability to steer our course. We can prevent ourselves from feeling like victims, and be proactive in our Journey.
For me...I tell myself  to Step into my Warrior Shoes, Take the Reigns,  and Embrace my Life.

Important Thoughts on Reclaiming your Warrior


So much of this relies on Self-Esteem, and it's an on-going process. I find myself occasionally falling backward, and then have to stop and ask myself..Am I helping, supporting, and inspiring Myself as much as I do others? This is a huge one for me, because I can slip back into those old patterns of taking care of everyone and everything else, virtually leaving myself no time for nurturing my own Spirit.
I keep an Attributes List ~ A List of my Strengths, as a strong reminder of Who I am:
I am Diplomatic
I am a Strong Woman
I am Full of Creative Inspiration
I am Intelligent
I am a Peacemaker
I am a Networker
I have the ability to Bring People Together
I am Caring
I am Compassionate
I am an Artist
I am Philosophical
I am a Caregiver to the Earth
I take Relationships Seriously

Define your Dream or Goal. How could you possibly achieve it, if you are not entirely sure what it is? This is probably the most important step in the process, because it is the Beginning.

Putting yourself #1 in decision making. In the past I would have thought this to be selfish...but I have come to learn... who better to take care of me, than me?

Be your own Life Coach. Cheer yourself on when you are accomplishing your goals, and inspire yourself when there are challenges.

Manage your relationships, and attract people into your life that are positive forces.

Ask yourself...Do my actions match my dreams? Am I actually taking steps to realize my goals?

Don't compare your journey or status to that of others. As soon as we do this, we set up ourselves up for feeling as if we are lacking. Each of our journeys are different and rich in their own ways.

A long time ago when I was meeting a friend, as soon as he saw me said..."Watch out, her hair is up. Things will be a changing". And so, again...time to put my hair up and put on my Warrior Shoes.

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