Saturday, July 9, 2011

Animal Totems and their Symbolism in our Lives

Animal Totems, or Spirit Helpers as they are sometimes called, are considered to be
guardians and teachers in many Native Cultures. It is their knowledge of skillful living, and their physical and social characteristics  in Nature that we study.

Night Vision - Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

 Within this process of learning  we strengthen our connection with the Earth and create an Inner Balance.
Animal Medicine affords an awareness of our own personal strengths and weaknesses, and a wisdom for life lessons.

Turtle: Motherhood, Longevity, Awakening to new opportunities, Nurturing of the Earth
Snake: Rebirth, Transformation, Wisdom
Wolf: Guardianship, Loyalty, Spirit, Community
Bear: Power, Healing, Decision-Making, Strength
Rabbit: Fertility, New Life, Defense, Spiritual Growth
Otter: Laughter, Happiness, Awareness of surroundings
Butterfly: Dance of Joy, Faerie Realm, Joy, Gentleness
Deer: Gentleness, Innocence, New Adventure, Grace
Raven: Magic, Creation, Vision, Messages and Intuition
Frog: Abundance, Creative Power, Cleansing
Jumping Antelope: Freedom
Elephant: Strength, Loyalty, Knowledge of Earth, Strong Family, Society Ideals
Spider: Creativity, Weaving of Fate
Buffalo: Abundance, Nurturing
Ant: Teamwork, Community
Dragonfly: Light, Transformation
Lizard: Dreamtime, Intuition, The Ability to Leave Behind things that are no longer needed
Owl: Vision, Wisdom, Omen, Magic
Grasshopper: Leap for opportunities, The Opening of Doors
Heron: Grace, Transformation, Loving of Self
Duck: Relationships, Calming
Giraffe: Grace
Dolphin: Intelligence, Communication
Bat: Magic, Perception
Mountain Lion: Leadership, Fairness, Balance, Power
Thunderbird: Servant of Great Spirit, Messengers
Beluga Whale: Creativity, Listening to Inner Voice
Phoenix: Power, Transform, Fire Element
Hawk: Vision, Power, Synchonstricity in Messages
Eagle: Victory, Responsibility of Power
Beaver: Builder of Dreams
Raccoon: Dexterity, Disguise
Seahorse: Emotions, Magical
Ladybug: Good luck
Snail: Patience, Serenity
Hummingbird: Joy, Happiness, Energy
Flamingo: Good luck
Moose: Majestic, Wise, Stands up for beliefs, Inner Wisdom
Salmon: Returning home, Spiritual Journey, Determination

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