Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Choices in our Directions as Artists

Like the ebb and flow of time, so goes our directions as artists. Life experiences and a continual fine tuning of our philosophies, creates more possibilities to explore within our creativity.

We have studied the growth of our Art over the years, reflecting back over the changes from the beginning until now. Trying to stay conscious that our Art is speaking not only to us, but to those who collect it, we have made choices on where to currently expend our creative energies.

For example, over the years we only sold Original paintings, and did not dabble in offering prints of those works. But we have found that certain pieces deserve the opportunity to be offered in that way, in order to reach more people who resonate with the work. So now, specific Paintings and Photography that is meaningful to us, are offered in a new forum for our collectors through Fine Art America. Here you can choose to collect some of those works, in different sizes, on archival papers, on stretched canvas, matted, framed...all a choice for you. Each week I will add more to the collection and hope that it widens the scope of possibilities.

Our jewelry has also made a transition, not only from being solely created from gemstones, but now offering more mediums with clay, bone, and glass beads. But probably our biggest change is venturing in the use of one of our favorite Natural materials...the Gourd.

The Gourd is designed and cut, painted with layers of hue to enhance it's richness, and then embellished with a complimenting bead work. Each pendant is hung on long soft leather cord that can be adjusted in length.
What we love most about the Gourd jewelry, is the ability to offer our Gourd design, Painting, and Bead work...all in one piece. It also allows us to utilize more of the gourd, instead of wasting small pieces.

So, this new evolutionary period will produce...more Paintings, Prints, and Photography...a larger line of jewelry including more natural materials....a new line of Art Doll sculptures that will be revealed soon...a larger line of Gourd Rattles, Drums, and Cedar Flutes that utilizes a blend of contemporary yet still natural persona...and some things will be discontinued.

We will be choosing more galleries to show in, that will allow us to more time to spend on our Storytelling Performances  and Workshops, and hope that you enjoy the transition along with us.

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