Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fox Totem and it's Meaning

The Fox Totem is often misunderstood. His meaning and symbolism is quite complex.

Fox Totem Gourd Art Bowl by Jeane Fry

The Fox teaches the need and benefits of learning to camouflage in order to walk around unnoticed. This allows you to hear and see things that you might not otherwise be aware of, bringing a better clarity to situations.

 His fur is very thick, making him appear larger than he is, which is another lesson he teaches..the ability to have a larger "presence " in life when needed. It gives the illusion of a greater stature, making adversaries think twice about engaging, that Fox would not be easily overpowered judging by size alone.

 The fox is monogamous, living alone for some months and then in a den, and are comfortable with being alone AND with their partner. He teaches to enjoy one's completeness, to enjoy self, allowing for a comfort level when they are on their own.

 Their hunting style is similar to feline, and they carry great feminine energy.

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