Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Owl Totem and the Mystery

Owl Totem and the Mystery
Owls have intrigued us two-legged for many years, primarily because they are a nocturnal bird. They see in the night what we do not see, and they hear in the night what we do not hear. They carry a wisdom that is primarily unknown to us, that of the Mystery.

They are aware of the Shadows, the things that exist that we are not aware of, and  the things we do not understand. Studying the Owl Totem, helps us learn to be conscious of our surroundings, and the motivations of others. It helps us reveal secrets.

The Great Horned Owl looks as if he has ears, although they are truly tufts of feathers. Symbolically he seems to be able to hear, what we can not.

Their flight is silent, helping them in their hunt, and is a good reminder to us that when we are "seeking", it may be best to be silent and observant in order for the answers to come to light.

Night Vision Painting by Jeanne Fry
Night Vision Gourd Sculpture by Jeanne Fry
Inspired by the Original Painting

   Prints are available of my original painting on Fine Art America

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