Friday, June 22, 2012

Hummingbird Landing Gourd Sculpture and it's Story

It doesn't seem to matter who you are, how big or small, it's near impossible to not be affected by the arrival of a Hummingbird.  We two-leggeds stop in our tracks, frozen, so as not to disturb his flight of quick little bursts from here to there, almost as if he's teasing us with a game of peak a boo. The pure and happy energy from this delicate little winged one can bring a smile to our  face almost as quickly as his wings flutter.

We await, ever so still, in hopes that the hummingbird will land and greet us, as the Tree Spirit here has done. Quietly, not a flinch, giving stillness for the landing.

For when it lands, pure awe is present, a joy, a trust in one another, a moment of utter magic even though brief.

And that's what Life's moments are....a memory of the magic that the Universe provides, the little things that catch our breath and make us smile.

Hummingbird Landing is a Gourd and Clay Folk Art Sculpture by Jeanne Fry.
It has been sold.

1 comment:

glaudius said...

Nice work. Like capturing the spirit of the gourd. I didn't know about Artfire; etsy for artists kinda. Beautiful gallery you have there.

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