Sunday, July 22, 2012

Manifestation ~ Crow and Flower Symbolism


When studying the living and social skills of the crow, we find how complex of a creature he is. His ability to build, use tools, and his intelligence all lend a hand in the symbolism of manifesting and creating what it is you desire. The highly intelligent crow has always had a mystery about him, as we are still today learning the many layers of skills he possesses.
Manifestation ~ Crow and Flower Painting by Jeanne Fry

Crows are watchmen, keeping a discerning eye on their surroundings. This not only protects them, but alerts them to opportunities. Their voice is masterful at communication, and as a team work together. This reminds us to stay watchful for opportunities (open doors) that are available to us in our own lives, and that as a community we can achieve our dreams. His communication skills also teach us to be sure that we are stating our wants and needs honestly with others, for the speaking of our needs is the first step to attaining them.
Contemporary Folk Art Painting of Crow by Jeanne Fry

This ability to manifest, was the inspiration behind my painting of the crow and the flower, that in the guise of potentially bland surroundings, he has the ability to manifest what it is he wants in his life.

This painting is no longer available, but you can view more of my paintings in my Artfire Studio here
Consicous Art Studios on Artfire

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