Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Personal Story behind "My Spirit Dances"

In my dreams there is a magical land

a land where there are no walls

a land where there are no obstacles to overcome

a land that is only filled with promise.
My Spirit Dances, an original painting by Jeanne Fry

The Saboteur does not live here

Whispers of negativity do not exist

No bystanders are present planting seeds of doubt

Even my shadow twin is oblivious to the location.

In my dreams there is a magical land

where Lupus has no name or credibility

Where prosthetics are a foreign term

for here....

I am Whole

I Breathe Easy

I feel the grass under Both Feet

and I radiate the Light of the Universe.

In my dreams there is a magical land
and here My Spirit Dances.

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry
Painting and Poetry by Jeanne Fry   All Rights Reserved

Prints of this painting are available in my Fine Art America Studio here
My Spirit Dances painting on Fine Art America


Misty said...

This was a wonderful piece :) your explanation even more so!

ConsciousArtStudios said...

Thank you so much Misty :)

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