Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let your Spirit Blossom

As the wind changed direction one day, and the breeze lofted softly, an overwhelming sense came over me...almost in a whisper. I suppose it was a reminder of sorts, an urging, an attempt to lift me up. It was a reassurance, a reassurance to be me. At all costs and in spite of that little self critic that resides deep within, the whisper reminded me to turn my back on the judgements of others and those little fears that live in my gut. "After all this time, isn't it time to live your life for yourself? is what floated in the breeze that day.

Let your Spirit Blossom, a contemporary folk art painting by Jeanne Fry

Some days I need to remind myself over and over, and other days it comes naturally, but either way...the wind nurtured my spirit to blossom that day and comes back on occasion to visit the garden in my spirit.

(This painting is no longer available)

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