Friday, May 24, 2013

The Regeneration of Mother Earth

I continually marvel at (and am  grateful for) the ability of Mother Earth to adapt. We two-legged ones have not been very kind to her over the last several years. We have put undue stresses on her and been disrespectful to this place that we call home. She will occasionally tantrum, and yet she still reaches into her heart and finds away to work around our chaos. 
"The Regeneration of Mother Earth", Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

She leaves answers for us in all of her work. When something is poisonous, she will have a remedy nearby. When something has been destroyed, she will heal it and bring new life.
I many times worry that she is taken for granted, and that someday her "fixes" may not be available.
This is what inspired my newest painting
"The Regeneration of Mother Earth"

"The Regeneration of Mother Earth"
The Original Painting has sold, but you can find Art Prints of it available in our Artfire Shop here
Mother Nature Art Print 8x10

It is also available as an Art Print in our Fine Art America Shop. There you can order it as an Art Print, Matted and Framed, on Canvas, On Metal, or as a greeting card
Mother Nature Art Print on Fine Art America

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Christie Cottage said...

Love the panting!


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