Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardinal Totem and its Symbolic Meaning

Recently I have been very attracted to the Cardinal Totem, especially since I have a male and female couple that have taken up residence nearby and come to visit me every day. Watching the tender care they give one another , and the special balance they exhibit between being assertive and being passive have given me many contemplative mornings.

Their beautiful red color represents vitality, strength, and standing in one's own power. They remind us not to be afraid to be ourselves, and when we're feeling spent and burned out, there is always tomorrow to try again. They are definitely a "follow your passion" totem.
We live in a woodland area where there is an abundance of birds, but I have become very attuned to the cardinal voice. The female is just as vocal as the male, which is not usual among most birds. It calls to us as women to speak our truth, and to do so with grace. 
The cardinal is a beautiful totem to work with, teaching us balance between Passion and Responsibility, between Assertiveness and Grace, and to never give up.

Cardinal Totem Original Painting Bookmark by Jeanne Fry

This morning while painting, I decided to create a Cardinal Totem on a few bookmarks.

The Cardinal Bookmark has been sold.

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