Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Painted Horse Symbolism Contemporary Folk Art

I meet with this horse once a year. He is a beautiful horse, gentle and kind, with eyes that are filled with compassion. He has an old soul that you know is filled with wisdom, and when spending time with him your own spirit is set as ease. 
Painted Horse, Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

He speaks to you through his gaze. During our last visit, as I stroked his back, I had a better vision of this life. I was able to put my fears aside, with a complete understanding that we are all protected as we walk our path. We need not worry about the destination at this moment, only where we are traveling today. If we do so with a perfect love and perfect trust, our journey becomes easier and our lessons more profound. And although so often we can feel alone within our path, truly we never are. For all of us our walking our path at the same time, they coincide, paths cross, we meet in the middle, we help and guide one another. People and Guides are placed strategically along our path. Sometimes they stay with us for a life time, and sometimes only for a particular curve in the journey. Irregardless, our lives are the richer for it.
As my visit ends each time with the horse, I honor him for the wisdom and gently stroke his face. 
We will meet again.

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