Wednesday, July 10, 2013

She had nothing left to I gave to her what little I had

Time leaves its mark where it has traveled. A weathered surface and an eroded landscape can be its signature, or maybe just a memory lingering on what used to be.

Yesterday we visited our Sacred Space, a little area nestled along the river that hugs up against a mountain. Its a slow flowing river filled with large boulders that beg you to come sit and be hidden, hidden from everything, even your own thoughts. The mountain embraces and supports you, allowing you to be safe, relaxed, and open. While you are here, you can release your pains, let go of worry, and be filled with strength and inspiration.

We knew before we arrived that things would be different. We knew that there had been a change, new developers had come in to build their housing lots jammed up to the mountain and when doing so began roping off the river. It had always been open to the public as you would drive down the curvy road with pull offs, allowing one to spend time at the river.  But now being able to find even a little space that wasn't roped off, fenced off, and hammered with private signs was a job in itself. 
When finally we spotted a place where we could pull off, the path to the river was a challenging hike. As soon as we felt like a void.

The water still meandered as it always had, but the energy now was different. As I stood looking around, it looked as if someone had disturbed her. Fallen trees just didn't lay right, and piles of rocks were obviously not in there natural occurrence. Mostly she felt empty, that magical feeling of spirit seemed to have escaped.

I climbed through this new obstacle course and found a large boulder to sit on. I watched the water as it flowed down and sat quietly, but could not feel her (Gaia). There were no birds, no hawks flying over, no dragonflies skipping the water. I layed my hand down on the boulder in order to "hear" her....and I felt emptiness. Where normally I would feel energy, warmth, and what I felt was like a weak pulse. 

She has become a parcel, a possession, fallen into the greed of man. Those that have loved her and cared for her are not longer allowed to come. The circle of life that filled this section of the world doesn't come to visit any longer.
As my hand lay on the boulder, I knew that in her emptiness she had nothing left to I gave to her what little I had.

 I gave her the respect and love that she deserves. I thanked her with my deepest gratitude for the sacredness she had always provided. I attempted to give her what she had always given me....healing.
I got up and started climbing back to the road, so deeply saddened, shaking my head at when "man" will realize that not everything should have a price tag.
I know that we will not visit again, this special place that we gave and received such love. But a little piece of us will always be here with her.

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