Friday, February 21, 2014

The Goodnight Kiss between Mother Sun and Father Moon

Mother Sun and Father Moon share a deep love from a distance. Each spend their days separately, watching over the sky, yet admiring the others Light. They were meant to exist connected yet apart. They are afforded a very small window of time at Dusk when the two can meet, and they cherish each moment they are given.

They long for one another and wish they could be together more, but their love for the Universe and their roles in it is just as great. So they accept the relationship for what it is, making their minutes together even sweeter.
Father Moon is quite sure that after seeing his love for those few moments that his own light shines even deeper and brighter throughout the night. He pays special attention to love struck travelers, and moves in closer to guide their way.
Mother Sun watches over with a special affection for those that feel a loss of love or have a sad heart, inspiring her to shine ever more brightly to console them.
Mother Sun and Father Moon are the first of all "star crossed lovers".

This painting is titled "The Goodnight Kiss", and original painting by Jeanne Fry.
The Goodnight Kiss Original Painting for sale on Etsy

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