Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Peacock Warrior Woman

How She Came to Be
The Peacock Warrior Woman has evolved after many years of nurturing her awareness during her daily meditations sitting underneath the Tree of Life. A family of peafowl were always present when she would visit. During her meditations she would gaze into the eyes of the peacocks feathers while she accessed her higher self. Over time after her prolonged connections with the peafowl, she began absorbing the wisdom of the peacock totem, or their  "medicine" we would say. Grandfather Peacock remains her closest companion to this day as they fill their visits with conversations of Philosophy and Meaning of Life.

  In her enlightened state she carries a balance between masculine and feminine qualities. This  allows her the gifts  of discernment and decisiveness  from the feminine side, while the extraordinary plumage from the masculine side brings an increased connection with her intuition and vision

What She Gives to the World
 The Peacock Warrior Woman is now a Guide, a Guide for those who are on their spiritual journey of reclaiming their inner spirit. The search to find the pieces of ourselves that we have lost or given away over the years is her primary focus, for she herself knows  the feeling of waking up and feeling as if something is missing. She "gifts" one of her feathers to those who are seeking, to help them connect with their own higher selves during meditation, to heighten their skills of awareness, and to access their intuition in a strong and consistent manner. 

The original Contemporary Folk painting of "The Peacock Warrior Woman" was created by Jeanne Fry. It is listed for sale in our Etsy shop where you can also see more photos and learn about the dimensions.


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