Friday, March 21, 2014

Running Horse Totem Painted Gourd Art Bowl

This week I have been working on several new gourd art pieces, bowls and ceremonial rattles. This particular gourd bowl began speaking to me before I even sat down at the work table, and I knew that I wanted to bring a horse to life on this earthen canvas. I wanted the Horse itself to a flowing feel of movement to it within its design. 

Since I had created a rich dark background on the bowl itself, I wanted the Horse to be full of Light, a striking contrast. I wanted the colors to feel like the wind and sky, to hold a crisp coolness as if you could feel the wind as you were running with him. 

Running Horse Symbolism: He teaches us the importance of being true to ourselves. You must seize each moment of every day and make it your own. Stand with strength and be determined about your destination and your dreams, and then run towards them. Take the journey and claim your space in the World.

The Running Horse Gourd Art Bowl is SOLD

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