Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Equine Journey following the Horse Totem Path

Sometimes we feel stuck in life. Maybe it's the season, often winters can make us feel that way. Maybe it's the life events that are surrounding us, ours or someone Else's. And maybe it's our own ups and downs, the changing of our own rhythms, those times when we feel a lack in our own personal power. 
These are the times when I look to the Horse Totem. Recently I have gone back to visit the horse and his symbolism, doing so in physical life and within my artwork. Many times the way that I work with a totem is by painting them. The more I paint them, the more I can connect with their energy.
The Equine Journey by Jeanne Fry
 Horse Totem Symbolism
Long ago when the Horse was befriended to assist in our travels, he was looked at as a freeing agent. He could take you away from your little corner of the world and take you to unknown places. He would be your guide as you explored mysterious lands, not only on the physical plane but on a spiritual plane. Horse would remind you of the expansiveness of the Universe and of your own soul. As you rode, Father Wind would blow through your hair and across your face and cleanse you of stagnancy. 
The Horse offered a balance of not only stepping on this Earth, but also of connecting with the Sky. He confirms that all things are possible and that we are all truly important in the grand scheme of things. In essence All Things Are Possible.
The ride can invigorate the Spirit, and draw one away from feelings of being stuck. His soul and his lessons are so strong, that just standing with him...looking in his eyes....and stroking his cheek can have the same effect. He reminds us of the freedom that is possible within this vessel that we live in - that our soul's are boundless.

Working with the Horse Totem
When I sat down to work with the horse, the first painting I did last week was of "Running Horse" on a gourd art bowl. He spoke to me of Strength.
"Running Horse" Gourd Art Bowl - SOLD
This weekend I painted my second, "The Equine Journey", a pair of running horses. When examining them I see that the second feels more freeing, more earnest in his sprint. It has a feeling of the wildness and of the Run.
"The Equine Journey" Gourd Art Bowl - For Sale
I now anticipate the next Horse painting and the lessons that will come.


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ShadowDogDesigns said...

What a lovely horse totem bowl. I have always felt a connection to horses and have spent much of my younger life with one. Such strength and beauty and companionship. Thank you for sharing

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