Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Great Horned Owl Symbolic Meaning - Under the Terracotta Moon

I was recently inspired while camping at a mountainous state park to create "Under the Terracotta Moon". I sat and listened one evening to the call of an owl. There were five syllables in his call, a common trait of the Great Horned Owl. I had my painting satchel with me and some wood canvases, and soon began to paint.
It was dusk when I began, and under the light of the lantern I brought forth a blue purple sky to give it a spiritual mystical backdrop. I meditated on the Great Horned and visualized him sitting regal on a branch, the Strong Warrior that he is. I could imagine him as a "warrior" because of his great strength and skill at hunting. Even though he is a Winged One associated with the Sky, he has an important connection with the Earth allowing him to hunt such a wide array of prey.
This Earth Connection was related in the painting by the color scheme used in his feathers - of terracotta, raw sienna, and shades of brown. The moon that shone above him was adorned with four of his feathers. The silhouette of a dream catcher was painted over the moon, accented with pieces of turquoise, symbolic for keeping the sleeping mind focused on positive adventures. 
I wanted him to represent being comfortable in his space, as the Great Horned Owls become permanent residents of their territories once they have mated. 
The following morning I continued with the painting, working on the detail in his feathers and his insightful eyes.

The Great Horned Owl is a beautiful animal totem to work with for those that desire the wisdom needed to become a Master of their own life, to obtain that which they seek, and to have a balanced confidence in doing so. The tufts that are on top of his head are not ears nor horns, but are feather tufts. Still they are symbolic for being able to "hear" what is not being said. This makes one more successful in their seeking by being aware of their environment physically and spiritually.

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