Thursday, May 22, 2014

Turtle Moon - The Creation of the Sky

I am intrigued by the Sky. Every element of it brings me joy and wonderment. I sometimes sit in the evenings gazing at the Moon and the Stars and my imagination will wander. Fragments of stories will flow on how things could possibly "be" in that realm. I often drift away from the science part of it and entertain stories of how things might exist there otherwise. That is how my painting, "Turtle Moon" came to be.

One evening the Moon was as large as it could possibly be. The child-like part of me started thinking about how heavy it was and how it could just hang in the sky as it does. Surely it was being held by something. A vision of a very large turtle came. 
I could see Mother Turtle walking along the edge of the Earth. Her shell was translucent and you could see the stars twinkling through each section. As her feet slowly stepped along the Earth, the tip of the Moon was resting on her back. I thought "My goodness, Mother Turtle, isn't the Moon too heavy for you to be carrying?"  She replied "No, certainly not. The Moon needs help glowing her magical shine on the Earth. I'm happy to help." 

Then I thought about the portrait of the sky scene and how that could possibly be hanging for all of us to see. Mother Turtle whispered to me "Look closer,dear. All will be revealed". As I squinted to look harder, I saw her children helping her. Her son and daughter, one in front and one behind, were holding large bundles of black balloons and the stars were inside them. Again I exclaimed, "Oh my, don't they get tired holding all of those balloons in their mouths while walking through the night?" Mother Turtle said "No, they don't get tired. It brings them joy and they are happy to help." 
I closed my eyes and thought about all of the beings who's unseen actions go unnoticed while they do their part to create our World. They continue to do so everyday, because they are happy to help.
And so it is.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

This painting has been sold.

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