Sunday, May 27, 2012

She Stands in the Circle of Stones

Some years ago I came across a book called "Circle of Stones" by Judith Duerk. So touched by the writings it became one of my most treasured books. It reminded me to look at where I came from, to keep the wisdom from the elders alive in today's world, to strengthen the bonds of "sisterhood", and above all... to pass the love, support, and wisdom on.
"She Stands in the Circle of Stones" by Jeanne Fry

On a personal note, I have spent the past year weeding out unhealthy relationships in my life....the ones that were one-sided, neurotic, self-serving, and energy robbers. After doing so, I then began nurturing those relationships that I treasure, giving them the more focused and meaningful time and energy I now had.
While my circle is is stronger, authentic, and healthy.

This journey is what inspired my latest piece "She Stands in the Circle of Stones".

(She Stands in the Circle of Stones is no longer available to collect) but you can see more in our Artfire Studio here

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