Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sun Spirit in the Ancient Healing Garden

The Sun Spirit brings a remembrance of an ancient time, when life was simpler, when we lived in more natural ways, when we were connected more strongly with nature. When she is present our days seem to be in a more positive light and we feel as if anything is possible. She watches over us in our days, warming us, helping us and everything around us heal and grow.

Sun Spirit in the Ancient Healing Garden by Jeanne Fry

She is a reminder when life gets hectic or we don't feel quite right, to get back to basics and honor the things nature brings to us.
Strong ~ Vibrant ~ Positive ~ Healing

This is the third painting in my series, "Healing in the Ancient Garden"
Earthy colors of yellow ochre, turquoise, burnt umber, burnt orange, and titanium white were used in the painting, which is 12 x 12 and sealed with a satin finish. The spirals are representative of the healing energy from the Sun Spirit.


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