Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bear Totem and it's Symbolic Meaning

The Bear is a powerful and healing totem to work with. I have always had a great affection for Bear and the attributes is symbolizes on so many levels. I find it to be an endearing and wise totem for both men and women.
The Bear does not truly hibernate but does go into a state of sleep, quietness, shutting down. It survives from the reserves it has stored up, which is a pertinent lesson in finding a balance with your energy and not "tapping" reserves empty on a daily basis. It reminds us to be mindful of our energy levels each day and to not over extend ourselves.
In today's world it is easy to push ourselves beyond what is healthy for not only our bodies but also our spirit. Bear strongly represents Nurturing.
 The symbolism of this shutting down period is also representative of the winter time, a special introspective time for us humans, and reminds you to give yourself permission to go at a slower pace and work through life lessons at a reasonable pace and prepare for renewal. This is an excellent time for writing in one's journal or doing some inspirational reading.
Burlap and Canvas Bear Totem Painting by Jeanne Fry

I think we have a love of Bear because of their similarities to us...they eat a similar diet, they can stand on two legs and walk, but I think the thing that we can truly relate to is their sense of love and protection especially over their young. They will protect them fiercely and love them dearly, just as we humans do. For such a large totem that represents strength, their hearts are just as big.
Bears carry great confidence with them, a surety in their step, and are a good totem to work with if you are learning to step into your own power and find confidence in your decisions. And this with all things requires a balance as well...not to be "too" cocky with your stance that you ignore situations, but that you carefully ponder your course, make your choice, and go forward with strength and fortitude.
Bear Totem Medicine Wheel Painting by Jeanne Fry
Both of the above paintings were sold.
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Bear Totem Medicine Wheel Art Print

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