Saturday, April 28, 2012

Otter Totem Symbolic Meaning

Otters are a wonderful totem for nearly everyone, for they remind us how to be young again. They are simply a totem that represents laughter, joy,and playfulness. If you are needing to nurture your inner child, to explore those dreams that you have hidden away, and learn how to let go.....Otter will inspire you.

 So often we go day after day working in the usual grind, managing our multi tasking and crossing things of our lists that soon we find night has arrived and we somehow didn't have anytime for ourselves. Otters teach us to enjoy each day to the fullest, to treasure every moment, and smile. They are a confirmation that laughter is the best medicine.  You will find that when you learn how to immerse  yourself in happiness, you not only help yourself but others as well by exuding such joyful energy.

Otters also are representative of feminine and emotional energies because of their link with the water element. Strong is their bond in motherhood and rearing the young ones, making them a perfect reminder in passing on the wisdom of

Live ~ Laugh ~ and Love

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