Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day on a Spiritual Level

Earth Day became a recognized day quite some time ago. It becomes more and more popular each year as our global family becomes increasingly aware of it's importance and the things that we can do to give back to the land.  I stay in tune with it every day...trying to stay aware of my footprints on the Earth and how all of our choices have an effect on something else. But it's more than that for me, for it feeds my soul.

Respecting the land that we live on has become a part of my spirituality. Honoring the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and the seasons, correlates with all aspects of the spirit. My personal growth can run parallel to that of my surroundings. I find more solace in nature than in a self help book. When days run into each other and monotony sets in, things can feel stagnant. As soon as you step outside and are aware, you can feel  how immense the universe is, how there is truly an abundance in life to draw from, and manifesting seems so much more possible. Somehow all of those little things that we stress on, that snowball and become big things that we stress on...are more easily put in perspective when you allow your feet to feel the Earth again.

I am always impressed with the mood changes Earth has...she can shift from serene  and calming, to intense and passionate, to angry and much like us humans who walk upon her. And you will change. It always does. Nothing stays the same.

Maybe those large entities that take her for granted, who dump and pillage her resources out of greed, somehow lost touch with her long ago. I think they forgot how to see, feel and touch life. My hope is that one day they can it feels to have a bird in the hand, to nurture something as it grows, to feel the breeze on your face, or to be in awe of it's immense beauty and strength.

I hope that everyone has a meaningful Earth Day, and maybe you can share with someone else it's importance, and one by one we can change our responsibility level.

Nature, our Earth, is reflected in all of my art work, because of it's simple importance in my life. My hope has always been that when it is shared with raises their awareness as well.


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