Saturday, April 14, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Mixed Media

Sometimes you need to change it up a bit....explore a different place...dabble in areas where you don't usually play. It stirs the pot of inspiration, pulling more ideas into your artful spirit.

Recently I created a piece for a call/challenge that asked for a piece that was Edgar Allan Poe inspired. This intrigued me, but which piece of his work would be the source of my focus? I wanted to choose a story that was different than the ones that immediately come to mind. So after perusing many Poe stories and poems I decided on "The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether" that was published in 1856.

I was quickly drawn into the story, soaking up each word, allowing his master of the word to draw me into the journey through Southern France and the antics at the Maison de Sante.

Mixed Media inspired by Edgar Allan Poe story by Jeanne Fry

The characters described in the story peeked my interest and so for this piece I portrayed three of them standing outside...standing inside...the Maison de Sante. So many scenes I could have portrayed but truly the thing that had set the mood for me in the story was the feel of the Maison as the visitor was making his journey there and how it would have felt from the outside looking in.

I loved doing the challenge, exploring a piece of literature and portraying it with my hands. And  of course, if you haven't read this particular story of Edgar Allan's I encourage you to do so. A lovely read for a Saturday afternoon.

This piece is available as an Art Print in the Fine Art America shop here:

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