Monday, April 9, 2012

Kuan Yin Compassion Healing Art Shrine

Every piece of Art that I create has special meaning for me. I suppose that I just couldn't create something because I felt that it was "marketable" or the current trend. I create from my heart and my gut, subjects that I am engaged with. There is always a personal reason for each of my works and I trust that each creation will find the home that it is meant for...that it's meaning which is special to me also becomes important for someone else on their journey.
Kuan Yin Compassion Healing Art Shrine by Jeanne Fry

One evening this week while I was journaling, I was inspired to create more shrines. It has been a long time since I had created any and it was time once again. Immediately I knew that Kuan Yin needed to be the focus in the first one. Kuan Yin, the goddess of Compassion has always held a tender place in my heart. This healing shrine needed to embody compassion, to be a reminder not only to offer compassion to others, but to the Self. So many times we put ourselves at the bottom of our priority lists.  We play catch-up with our needs, giving ourselves a little tenderness when it is usually long over due, and then it's not usually enough. How can we expect others to treat us with compassion when we don't give it to ourselves?

And so the assemblage began, with complete and focused love. As soft music played and the smell of jasmine in the air, I worked...colors of turquoise and peach, soft rose and periwinkle started to cover the shrine.Various phrases were painted on the insides, charms were hung, paper flowers attached...all within a meditative mood. The wooden statue of Kuan Yin was secured to the shrine with soft pale yellow silk fabric flowing around her.
My hope is for whatever sweet soul comes to collect this healing shrine, they too will be reminded to nurture and protect their spirit, and to show compassion and love to Themselves and Others.

This shrine has been SOLD.

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