Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peacock and it's Symbolic Meaning

As many of you know, my art tends to revolve heavily around nature and animal totems. Apparently even when I don't necessarily put my mind to it. The night before I had begun a new painting. My mood was gravitating to a free flowing of paint, abstractness, color, and raw feeling. Layers and textures, acrylics and mineral pigments came to life on the canvas, almost as if in a quiet meditation. Soon, when I stepped back, I saw the eye of a peacock feather, and allowed myself to follow it's direction. Soon there were three peacock feathers, almost standing at attention, greeting you before you could go further. Beyond where they stood was a rich and complex world, to me...the bigger picture. Connecting with the peacock, and a third eye wisdom symbolized in his feather, afforded a higher knowledge of the vast universe. And so...the painting was named "The Gateway to Higher Knowledge".
Abstract Peacock Original Painting by Jeanne Fry
Somehow those animal totems seem to continually slip into my paintings....and I am grateful.

If you would like to see more of the painting it is listed for sale in our Etsy shop here
Peacock Feathers Original Painting for Sale on Etsy

It is also available as an Art Print is several sizes, as a Canvas or Metal Print, or a greeting card on Fine Art America here
Three Peacock Feathers on Fine Art America

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