Friday, January 11, 2013

The Tao of Crow

My most recent crow painting is called the Tao of Crow (or the Way of Crow). The painting is simplistic yet complex, with a Black Crow and a White Crow painted within a Yin Yang symbol.
The Yin and Yang in Chinese culture represents a perfect balance between opposites, how those opposites compliment one another in a harmonic peace.

The Tao of Crow ~
Go forward fearlessly and speak your truth. Your authenticity ensures success.
I will watch over you, for together we can accomplish anything.
Adaptability is the key, for when we are open and flexible, we find there is always a way.
Where one finds Fear, they also find Courage.

(The original painting has sold, but I painted this same image on a Gourd Art Bowl, which is available in my Etsy shop here)
Tao of Crow Gourd Art Bowl

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