Thursday, January 31, 2013

Earth Lizard, a Totem for Life's Journey and Meaning

The Lizard Totem is close to my heart, a wonderful guide and teacher, of Connecting with one's intuition, How we perceive the world and each other, and Detachment. My newest lizard painting is called "Earth Lizard". I wanted to portray the strong connection with the Earth.

Earth Lizard Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

 The lizard's skills of being "aware" make him skilled on his journey walking this land. He senses through vibration and has excellent hearing. He moves quickly through life, but at the same time knows when to stop and be still - to be unseen and blend with his environment. These perception skills teach us to pay attention to the things around us, and to learn to trust in our own intuition. He guides us to listen, not only to what is being said, but also to what is not being said...and to see beyond the obvious. 
Some lizards have the ability to detach or lose their tail when they are in a compromised position. This ability teaches us to let go of the things symbolically that we no longer need in order to move on.

The "Earth Lizard" painting brings forth the connection with the Earth and it's elements, soaking in the glow of the Sun and it's healing positive energy. While he is unique and individual in the designs he wears, he can still blend into his environment with ease when needed. 
When creating this painting, I added a new medium into my use of the acrylics, that brought a rich texture. This texture is symbolic of the the lizard's sensitivities and perceptions as he walks the Earth.
The Textures in The Earth Lizard Painting

To see more of the painting or to collect it, you can visit it in my Artfire Studio here

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