Tuesday, February 5, 2013

She Listens in the Chasing the Goddess Series

"She Listens" is the third painting in my series "Chasing the Goddess". I will be writing extensively on the deepest meaning of the entire series when I get close to completion, but will give you some brief thoughts now.
She Listens, a Contemporary Folk Art Painting in the Chasing the Goddess series by Jeanne Fry

When I painted the first painting "The Divine Feminine", it came to my attention how so many connected with her, each having a different name for her and how they related. Some felt she was Mother Mary, others felt Mary Magdalene, some Guadalupe, and others likened her to Kuan Yin. To some extent they were all correct. In my heart, I feel that in the bigger picture they are all the same, it is her essence not her name that is the focus. She was the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. She is what we all connect with in the deepest part of us, whether you are a man or a woman. She is the authentic Feminine Energy, that brings a balance to our world, nature, spirituality, and the Universe.
Recently I was asked why the first three all have had their eyes closed. The series is a journey, of discovery and feeling. As it unfolds there will be changes in her as all of her aspects come together. The final painting in the Chasing the Goddess series, will have her eyes open, authentic...the source...the energy...to which we are all connected with.
The Divine Feminine, first in the series of "Chasing the Goddess" by Jeanne Fry
Remember Who You Are, the second in the series of "Chasing the Goddess" by Jeanne Fry

"She Listens" is what we are being asked...to hear the messages we are being sent...to hear our own voice...to hear the voice of the world. She is a bit older in this version, with her hair turning grey. She has a sage wisdom within her from the oldest parts of her soul, where her intuitive self comes with a natural ease and stands in the forefront giving her a confident, pure, and compassionate heart.
She Listens, a Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
She Listens by Jeanne Fry

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