Monday, February 25, 2013

Grandmother Willow Tree, a vision of Comfort and Healing

I created Grandmother Willow Tree after a weekend of reflecting on the women that came before us in our bloodlines... the grandmothers and their wisdom. While sipping tea over this cold grey weekend, I sifted through memory after memory of the images,symbols, and wise words that came from my grandmother.
Grandmother Willow Tree, a Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

 I replayed the short film -like snippets of remembered times when I was young and the times I spent with her. The things you learn from a grandmother are like no other. I even think that the things you learn from them may not even be the same things that they taught to their own children. I think a sense of ease comes with their age, a letting go of the overly-protective mode they were in when they were child rearing. I recalled many conversations sitting on the porch swing with her, and now realize that the things we talked about were about the "bigger picture", idealism, and inspirations. She didn't need to raise me to learn how to "walk" in the world" like a mother does, but passed her wisdom on how to "be" in the world.
As we would sit on the porch swing, I always gazed at the Willow Tree off in the distance. It was the first thing I saw when I would arrive on her land, and the last thing I saw when I would leave. Whenever I would see that willow tree then, and see a willow tree today, I feel the Comfort of a Grandmother's Love. I am so grateful for that memory.

The original painting has sold. It is available as an Art Print in our Fine Art America online shop, as an Art Print, Matted and Framed, On Canvas, On Metal, or as a Greeting Card.
Grandmother Willow Tree Art Print

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