Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reclaim Your Inner Peace CD Guided Meditations with Native Flute

Our Reclaim Your Inner Peace Guided Meditation CD is a project that was dear to our hearts in it's creation. Jeanne and John Fry collaborated together for this CD, with Jeanne writing and leading the meditations vocally on the CD, and John writing and performing the Native Flute music. Those two components together gave birth to beautiful meditation work, bringing peace and relaxation woven with the gorgeous flute music.
Reclaim Your Inner Peace Guided Meditation with Native Flute CD
There were certain components that were important to Jeanne in the creation of the CD. As a Traditional Usui Reiki Master and Meditation Leader, Jeanne wanted to begin this peaceful work with a "Letting Go" meditation to begin, a shedding of the days worries and stresses. Once this was completed, she wanted to guide through a Chakra balancing of the seven main chakras (Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye (Brow) Chakra, and Crown Chakra). Chakras (Sanskrit name for wheel) are spinning wheels of energy (prana or life force) within the body.
Once through the seven chakra meditations, she included a meditation on Connecting with the Divine and then concluded the CD with a meditation on Gratefulness
Jeanne Fry, Traditional Usui Reiki Master, Meditation Leader, Visual Artist

John wrote and performed warm and soothing Native Flute music for each meditation, with each piece instinctively resonating with it's purpose. (When balancing the chakra system, each chakra corresponds with a certain key in music, and so John chose to play the flute in each of those respective keys, making them even more effective and healing to the chakra system)
John J. Fry, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Leader, Native Flutist, Artist
 Each meditation on the CD is on it's own track so that you can maneuver through  it easily. If one day you only desire to do the Letting Go meditation for example, you can just key up that track. If you work through the entire CD, which is a bit over an hour, each meditation is separated by the sound of a tinghsa. The artwork on the cover of the CD is a reproduction of one of Jeanne's paintings of the Owl Butterfly.
Reclaim Your Inner Peace Guided Meditations with the Native Flute by Jeanne and John Fry
You can read more about the CD and collect it from our Artfire Shop here

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