Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Council of the Winged Ones, Original Contemporary Folk Art

Over the past two years my art has been greatly inspired by Bird Totems. I have also focused a large amount of artwork around the Earth and Sky. The symbolism of the Winged Ones has enchanted me, for they are able to navigate the bridge between the Earth and Sky, representing their freedom of flight and being able to soar through life. They are able to wander through those things that are bigger than ourselves.
The Council of the Winged Ones, contemporary folk art by Jeanne Fry

For me personally, I know that as I move through periods of personal growth, bird totems are always present. They are here to inspire and broaden my perspectives on life and living. They remind me that all things are possible, and encourage me to stay connected to my higher self.
I brought this painting to life to represent the Winged Ones and their wisdom. They are represented as a council, bringing a call to order amongst themselves, to share their own wisdom on the paths that they follow. Their diversity as strong beings and teachers is of great importance as they come together in council. Their visions are shared for the greater good. 

Within the painting I brought together the Owl (wisdom and vision), the Crow (messages and manifestation), the Cardinal (strength of spirit, passion, inner voice), the Heron (transformation and grace), the Robin (periods of growth and opportunity), the Eagle (sacredness of Spirit and healing), the Bluejay (power and the right use of will), the Hummingbird ( happiness and enjoying the moment), and the Hawk ( power and vision).  The lessons and medicine that these Winged Ones bring is immense and symbolic for us two-leggeds. 

The Original Painting has sold. You can find Art Prints available of it in our Artfire Shop
Council of the Winged Ones Art Print 11x14 Available

It is also available as an Art Print in our Fine Art America online shop. They offer it as a print, matted and framed, on canvas, on metal, or as a greeting card.
Council of the Winged Ones Art Print on Fine Art America

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ShadowDogDesigns said...

Jeanne, I am totally taken with this painting. Birds (and trees) have always held a special meaning to me, even as a small child, so your post and painting are glorious to me!

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