Sunday, January 9, 2011

Extracting the Raw ~ Awake

The second painting in my series of Extracting the Raw is "Awake".  Awake is my recollection of becoming conscious again in my hospital room, of people there for me. In some ways I recognized them.  They were familiar, but seemed different. Now I was a part of something else..a statistic, a number, a case file.  I felt so much was missing, literally and figuratively, and a sense of loss of my "clan".

I think it was then that I brought "Lizard Medicine" into my world, the ability to lose something and still survive. (Lizard can lose his tail if needed to in order to survive, retreat, and go through the process of re-growing his tail). I of course do not have the ability to regrow my amputation, but instead filled the gap with something else.....Spirit.

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