Friday, January 21, 2011

Sacred Box for Sage, Sweetgrass, or Special Treasures

I have collected and been gifted many sacred pieces over the years, from different cultures and religions. My collection is large, old Native American beadwork, Rosary beads from around the world, Statuary of Deities and I am forever looking for little places to keep them safe and treasured.
I have started to create Sacred Boxes and Shrines for this purpose, initially for me personally, but will now offer them to others.
I was always needing a place to store my Sage and Sweetgrass, and never felt like keeping them in a pouch in a drawer was sufficient. So I started making special boxes to keep them in.
This is one that I just finished and will post on the website later this evening.

This box is not available any longer, but you can check to see our available artwork in our Artfire Studio here Conscious Art Studios on Artfire

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