Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Shaman Tree ~ Painting and Poetry by Jeanne Fry

The Shaman Tree…ominous and wise…stands stately in the ground

Rooted in the soils of balance…touching the heavens of the Divine.

Within its aging body, by synchronized design,

It is a seat for Earth’s children.

An embrace, comforting and warm,

A place of peace.

Heavy heart and anxiousness lead me to the Tree

In search of clarity …of confirmation.

My approach is with reverence,

Each step becoming slower,

Each movement with full consciousness.

The gentle breeze dances about me, welcoming me back home.

Respectfully I kneel.

At this moment

The only thing in existence is my connection -

My connection with the Shaman Tree,

A representative of the Earth… the Universal Mother and

My connection with the Divine…of Faith everlasting

I express my concerns,

My hopes and my fears,

Endearingly resting my hand on the bough

Allowing myself to FEEL the emotions

I’ve held onto so tightly And release.

I am reminded of the simplicity in the circle of life…the simplicity of everything that IS.

As I pull my hand away, resting it within the other

I see the gift, different each time

A luxurious petal…Smooth green leaf…A smidgen of bark…

To add to my Mask.

A Mask Of Understanding and Growth

A new perspective to view the world with

With complete gratitude I step away-Refreshed to re-enter the busy world

With a higher understanding, yet more to share

New additions to the mask I wear…Not to hide behind the veil…But to reveal

The journey of life.

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